I was just thinking about my adult girls, now, who seem to have less time for devotions while they are in college. When I went back to college after my ex husband divorced me in 1996, I had two little girls, 1 and 2 years old.  I was going for my Bachelors in Business in a 14 month program.   I was still a Christian, attending church and needing to do my daily devotions.   So I was reading through my daily bible which gets you through the entire bible in a year and I prayed regularly. My encouragement today to busy Single Moms is to make your priority list.   Hopefully, God is first in your life.  If He is, then make sure you have your time with Him.  Read your word.  Pray. Sing to Him.  Make time for God!


As for my girls, I love them dearly and I have to let them do what they feel they have to.

As for me, I choose to put God first and get my devotions done early in the day,  even if it means getting up earlier so I can get it done before the interruptions of the day happen.  It is a priority for me.  After I finished my degree as a single mom of two young ones,    I was still progressing in my faith with God, I was still able to minister to other people scripturally because I was in the word regularly.   And I didn’t have to play catch up or renew my faith once I was done with college though it’s not a bad idea to do that whenever you sense the need.


Suppose I had gotten lukewarm while in college because I let my devotion time go?  How would I have recovered?  Would I have recovered?

So I want to encourage Single Moms who have that big thing on your plate, a business, school, work or some large project to find the time to meditate, to read, to pray, to get alone with yourself and God.  You are worth it! And God Loves You, the Single Mom!


Nek’ka Migel

founder of Single Moms Unite!