Choose to Succeed Chaplain Services and Consulting

Here is a group for Businesses to stay in touch with the spiritual side of work.  And yes, there is a spiritual side of work.  We tend to separate work from God.  But as Christian, God should be a part of all that we do.

Chaplain Services and Consulting can provide Prayer Counseling (We are not licensed counselor), Prayer for your Workplace/Business and/or Devotions for your Employees.  We are in the Boise area if you need someone to come on site.

Mackey and Nek’ka Migel have a combined number of years of prayer counseling experience and 1-1 Discipling experience.  Nek’ka has traveled with a Healing Minister to a few cities for healing meetings.

We have seen God move in our life in the area of finances, healing and relationships as well as in others.   Nek’ka has served in a number of denominations and has a good grasp on many religions when people have come with prayer concerns while in their own denominations.

If we can be of service to you, let us know.  There is an annual fee and we can discuss this.

Have a most blessed day in the LORD that made Heaven and Earth.

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