Don’t resent: Choose to forgive & be better!

We have to watch that we don’t let resentment grow in our lives so we don’t become bitter and/or hateful. Sometimes we get into unforgiveness towards others or because of a situation. We have to watch that we don’t blame God if it wasn’t His doing.

I had given up my career for the moment to raise my two babies. I had closed my business. I had given up my three bedroom home on the corner lot. I had to leave a city I adored…all because other peoples’ choices around me and that became the will of the LORD for my life at that moment.

I could have kept resenting my ex for leaving me with two babies in diaper. I could have kept resenting that I was in my late forties still raising minor children. I could have resented God for letting all of that happen to me.

There was an opportunity to have resentment at a person and God. And there was an opportunity to have resentment for a situation. I had to let it go and forgive. I chose to move on and be better.

What are the choices laying before you?

Repeat after me, “I Choose to Succeed!”

One way to SUCCEED, is to not hold on to resentment or unforgiveness. In accepting the current situation, it does not mean you have to stay there. It just gives you a point of reference to move on. Journal about it. Tell a friend who could help you move on from this point.

Choose to be better and not bitter!
Make it a great day in business and your personal life!

Nek’ka Migel

Choose to Succeed Referral Marketing.

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