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It Pays to Listen!

How would you like to earn cash just from listening?  Listening to people around you and their needs.  I might know something or someone to help.  Call for details.


I will pay for good leads.   A good lead is a person with a sincere need and willing to be contacted after giving you permission to share their name, number and email address.  They can contact me directly which would make that a good lead as well.


I will pay if the leads turn into a sale.   A closed lead is one where the lead closes and the “check or credit card clears”.   Call for details.


You do not have to join any programs or marketing groups.   You are under no obligation to join.  Just pass the lead to me and I will do the follow up and/or sign up.   Call for details.


For payment, it is best and easiest if you have a paypal account if you do not choose any of the other options to be paid*.  That way, when I have verified the lead, I can pay.  And when the lead closes, I can pay.   If you have ever done sales, you might be aware that a persons interest level increases with knowledge and understanding.  It may take me 3 to 10 contacts with the “good lead” to close the deal.     Call or write for details.


If you are interested in being a Referral Marketer, call 208-724-1093 or email to


This is for serious interest only.  I am paying for listening ears.  All you have to do is connect me to the person in need.  If you are profitable in this venture with me and you make over $599 in one year, I will produce a 1099 for your taxes.


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Mackey and Nek’ka Migel  

Choose to Succeed Referral Marketing




Click to download the choose to succeed referral contract final 4-19-15

*Other options include payment With a gift card
for which one is getting leads that close into a sale.




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