It pays to listen!

How would you like to earn cash just from listening? Nek'ka is working a couple of businesses where you can refer your friends and family. Get paid for good leads that close. There is no group to join or fee to pay. Produce the leads and she will follow up to close the lead. Payment is made to you upon the closed sale. Click the links on the home page to see what businesses are available for referrals. What makes a good lead?
  • Sincere need
  • Permission to contact
  • Name, number and/or email address
  • Someone ready to listen
Choose to Succeed Referral Marketing is a great way to get paid to listen. When you sign up, you will receive information about what to listen for in others and how to refer leads to Nek'ka. Not ready to sign up? Visit Nek'ka's website at: and read some of the articles. And no matter what, repeat after me, "I Choose to Succeed!"

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