Levels of Relationship, 5 videos on Periscope

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Levels of Relationship, 5 videos on Periscope

Are you hoping to date again?

Do you think your picker is broken?

Listen to what I and others have experienced in dating relationships, experiencing increasing levels of closeness and commitments in relationships which will let you know if God is in it and if both partners are willing to accept the commitments being presented.

I have found that if one or both partners do not accept the levels being presented to and in the relationship, it should end. You have a “no deal” relationship.

For instance, if a partner reaches the covenant level where the guy is responsible for the woman’s boundaries and the safety of her children, if she has any, watch to see if he accepts the responsibility in the covenant level by helping her to enforce her personal boundaries.

If she will not start to let loose of all controls, especially as a single mom, she might not be ready to enter into the covenant level (relationship) because she might end up being less likely to submit one to another in a marriage.

While dating can be a learning period, it is also a prelude to marriage. Once a partner does not want to go to the next level in commitment and responsibilities, I would say it becomes a “no deal”, all bets are off for that relationship.

Intimacy can increase as long as it stays biblical and both partners agree. Though not everyone needs to be as intimate as another.  Of course there is to be no intercourse before marriage. Anyone willing to do that before marriage probably does not respect you or your values.  And if that was their end game, they probably won’t stick around afterwards.  (Let your teenage girls know this!)

Would you respect that value in another who would want to stay celibate until marriage? A couple once broke up because she wanted to engage after their official engagement but before marriage.

Listen in to this set of 5 videos on the levels in the dating relationship.  I believe if you would wait for the these levels to appear before saying, I do, you might be able to weed out the bad apples sooner than you think!  Plus you can obviously see when they are jumping the gun, trying to go to a higher level before the relationship has been promoted to the very next level.

Warning:  Once you are aware of these levels, look for them and be responsible for the information you know.  Don’t try to settle (by marrying) out of desperation or impatience or a need for their help in any way.  If they really cared, they would help without strings attached.

Click the links below and watch the videos one by one on each level.

Levels of Relationship, 5 videos on Periscope

Levels of Relationship # 1 (on Periscope)

Levels of Relationship #2

Levels of relationships no. 3

Levels of Relationship no. 4

Levels of Relationship No. 5


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