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Choose to Succeed!

Nek’ka Migel is a Christian entrepreneur living in Idaho. Do you combine business with prayer? 

With a Bachelor’s in Business Management and 20 plus years as a Prayer Intercessor, Nek’ka would love to pray with the business owner seeking godly business strategies, wisdom for decisions, upcoming events and even a change in employees. Click here to contact Nek’ka.  Watch a video resume of my experiences as a prayer intercessor.  

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Video Resume for Chaplains for Businesses

 Nek’ka was a single mom for 16 years, homeschooling 2 of her 3 children from K to 12th grade.  Her children went on to college and have done quite well for themselves.

Through Consulting for Single Parents, Nek’ka can help a single parent in 5 different areas: 

Emotional and Spiritual Stability, Child Rearing/parenting, Wardrobe/dieting/exercising, Business ideas/job helps, Financial/Budgeting plans.   Click here to contact me or signup for the single parent newsletter.

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Donate to Single Moms Unite!, LLC providing scholarships for Single Parents to benefit from Consulting for Single Parents

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 I am also working on a larger vision, always with the single parent in mind.  It is to create a Single Parent Foundation as well as creating Choose to Succeed Training and Consulting where the single parent and anyone can take advantage of other’s experience in the world and in business. 

The single parent could also share their experiences that they have had for people looking to go into a certain field where they have no prior experience. 

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On Facebook, I currently promote other businesses.  I schedule one to one meetings with business owners to know who they are as people as well as business owners.  Click here to see some comments from my one to one session on Facebook.

5 Ways of Doing Business

I am currently in a writing season, since December of 2017.  I write for pay on  You can read my articles there as well.  If you are a paid member, you can clap for my articles so that I get paid.  Thanks in advance.

Part of my proceeds (for all my businesses) go to help single parents especially to help them get their legal wills done so they can state guardianship of their minor children.

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