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Nek’ka Migel is a Christian Author & Entrepreneur Living in Idaho. Nek’ka is the author of God’s Prosperity. Her new website at ChooseToSucceed.Today will continue to have brilliant blogs and information.

Poverty comes in many forms.  Nek’ka addresses mindsets about money in this book. Read this book about one single mom’s journey in changing her mindset about money. And let Nek’ka help you Choose to Succeed with her book.

Read God's Prosperity and let Nek'ka Help you Choose to Succeed
Read God’s Prosperity

You can purchase a copy for $5. Click here to pay via PayPal! This app charges a small fee which you will see added to the book and shipping charges.

Order book & pay via PayPalOrder the Ebook to God’s Prosperity here.

16 Years as a Single Mom

I was a single mom for 16 years.  My children are grown now. One is married raising children. Another just finished her degree in Mechanical Engineer. Both were homeschooled from Elementary to 12th grade before going into the college of their choice.

I offer Life Coaching for Single Parents at a nominal fee through Consulting for Single Parents. Schedule a free Discovery Call so we can see if this is a fit for you!  Sign up for the free Single Parent newsletter.  If you are not a single parent, consider sponsoring a single parent.

20 years as a Prayer Intercessor

Let Nek'ka help you choose to succeed in your business with prayer thru Chaplains for Businesses
Chaplains for Businesses praying with you for your business.

With Chaplains for Businesses, Nek’ka provides Prayer Intercession with you for your Workplace or Business.    Let Nek’ka help you Choose to Succeed in your business with prayer and spiritual guidance.

You can set an afternoon appointment and input your email address here for News and Updates.


Donate to sponsor a  Single Parent to get help from Consulting for Single Parents or to help them to get their Legal Wills done to state guardianship preference for their minor kids.  To be a sponsor, send an email directly to consultingforsingleparents@gmail.com.

12-year Homeschool Experience

Get your free Homeschool Guide at the new website.  Also, Homeschool Consulting is available. Nek’ka homeschooled her children for 12 years from Kindergarten to 12th grade, graduating them from homeschool high school. They went to college, afterward. Use this calendar to let Nek’ka help you choose to succeed in homeschooling or remote learning.

how to begin home schooling or remote learning
Beginner’s Guide to remote learning and home schooling

Chaplains for Businesses | Consulting for Single Parents 

Book a one to one session with Nek’ka today, in person or on the phone! Click here to hear my audio introduction. And let Nek’ka help you Choose to Succeed!

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