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I was a single mom for 16 years. I got out of thousands of dollars of debt twice. My children are grown now. One is married raising children. Another just finished her degree in Mechanical Engineer. Both were homeschooled from Elementary to 12th grade before going into the college of their choice.

I wrote a book on overcoming the poverty mindset called, God’s Prosperity. Order the book from Paypal.

God’s Prosperity, a book by Nek’ka Migel

I have been a Christian for over 30 years. You do not have to be a Christian to gain from my insight.

Sign up Life Coaching for single parents for finances and parenting. If you are not a single parent, consider sponsoring a single parent.

I have a survey of questions to ask that helps you to know where you are and gives me an idea of how to personalize our time together. I am scheduling afternoon appointments.

The cost of $25 is based on a 30-40 minute session. We can book more sessions if needed. This introductory price includes the survey and 30-40 minute phone call or video conferencing session.

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Consulting for Single Parents

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Life Coaching for single parents for finances and parenting.

God’s Prosperity Done

God taught me some amazing financial lessons while I was a single parent. And I’m still learning though my kids are grown and out of the house. I wrote about my financial journey in God’s Prosperity.

Fear is a great motivator– to hold on to what you have, and never share it. Think about the man in the bible who wanted to build another barn to store his goods.  Why didn’t he just give away the excess?

Well, I wrote about my journey in this book of getting out of the proverty mindset. Some would call it a scarcity mindset. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, the cost is a mere $5. Please add $2 for shipping for snail mail. Pay via PayPal!

Email me at if you want to purchase a copy or review God’s Prosperity after you read it.

Order book and pay via PayPal. That will hit my email and I’ll be in contact, as well.

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Nek’ka Migel, Author of God’s Prosperity

Author Nek’ka Migel

Single Parents Consulting

Nek’ka Migel was a single stay at home mother for 16 years, homeschooling 2 of her 3 children from K to 12th grade.  Her children went on to college and have done quite well for themselves.

Through Consulting for Single Parents, Nek’ka can help a single parent in 5 different areas: 

Emotional and Spiritual Stability,
Child Rearing/parenting,
Business ideas/job helps,
Financial/Budgeting plans. 

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Consulting for Single Parent on Emotional and Spiritual Stability

Information on Area 1 for Emotional and Spiritual Stability can be found here.

Donate to Single Moms Unite!, LLC that provides scholarships for Single Parents to benefit from Consulting for Single Parents as well as helping them to get their legal Wills done to state guardianship of their minor kids.

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Nek’ka Migel

Consulting for Single Parents

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Do you know a Strong Single Parent?

Do You know A Strong Single Parent? I want to introduce you to Allison. She is a gem. So here is the interview that I did with her in 2020.

Who is Allison?

Allison is from California. And she always wanted to be a parent.

She has a busy day starting at 5 am, working 8 to 10 hours a day and checking her children’s online schooling amid COVID-19 before dinner time then getting ready for the next day.

Allison describes herself as strong, independent, curious, and hard-working. She said that she strives to be a good mother even though she’s not perfect

What struggle or stresses does she have?

Allison’s struggled with being alone and taking care of her kids.  It was hard for her to go from being married to being a single mom. She also struggles with homeschooling right now.

Allison took some online classes to help understand kids that are abused. She is now able to be an advocate for kids that she knows that has experienced trauma.

Is there a benefit to being a single mom?

Allison enjoys having her children all to herself.  She gets to have quality time with them as she watches them grow.   She recognizes that her children have a different personality, they are fun and others have said that her children are well behaved. Allison believes in letting her children just be kids.

What joys and passion does she have?

Allison likes comedy and romance books.  She also does crafts.

Allison is also passionate about providing a safe and happy environment for her children. She has volunteered for the Rescue Mission making lunches and volunteered at Baby Steps helping new parents. 

What lessons has Allison learned?

Allison has learned that she is stronger than she thought, and she realizes that she can overcome anything because she is doing it by keeping a roof over her and her kids as well as taking care of them.

Allison’s tip to another single mom is to take time for themselves. 

Would she be a single parent again if she had the choice?

Allison said that even with the struggle, she would not trade it because her children are a blessing!

Allison will be the co-host with me for our next Single parent Gathering on Sunday, January 31, 2021. Contact us for more information on the upcoming event. Next one scheduled for April. I hope you enjoyed this article entitled, Do You Know A Strong Single Parent.

If you are a single parent and want to share your story and co-host an event with me, Nek’ka Migel, Founder of Consulting for Single Parents, contact me at ChooseToSucceed.Today. There is a calendar there to schedule a 15-minute free Discovery Call and you can also respond to this emailed newsletter. 

The Quarterly Gatherings are free to attend for single parents and their children.  Just look for the details on Social Media and subscribe to the Consulting for Single Parent Newsletter.

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Sincerely and In Christ Name,

Nek’ka Migel

Founder of Consulting for Single Parents

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Hearing the Voice of God, part 1

Chaplains for Businesses is for Hire

I was listening to my Pastor talk today about God’s will. I have many people asking me how to know God’s will. They also ask me about hearing the voice of God.

In my book, God’s Prosperity, I wrote about many experiences of where I believed I heard from God and that it was his will to do this or that. Here is a brief excerpt from my book on page 14:

“When the LORD started prompting me to travel or move, I did not reply with, “I can’t do that because I have no money.”

More on Hearing the Voice of God

I want to encourage you today to not make excuses for what you believe is God is speaking to you. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of obedience without help from others.

Here is a link to my pastor’s sermon today on God’s Will:
Watch “God’s Will” on YouTube by Pastor Steve.

While you are there, feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel for Chaplains for Businesses.

Have a good day everyone!

Nek’ka Migel
Chaplains for Businesses


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Can you walk by faith without knowing the final destination?

Frederick Buechner:  “Faith is not being sure where you are going, but going anyway because God gave the directions.”

This quote reminds me of my move to Arizona.  I obeyed the call to move even before I knew where I was going. I packed up my household with my girls by faith that God would have shown me where we were moving to by the time we got in the moving truck.

All I had was the name of a city. I was able to figure out the location eventually from where the city was sitting on the map. From there I figured where the Lord wanted me to move with my family.

Can you walk by faith without knowing the final destination?

Then I got in the truck, fully packed…with no money. I believed by faith that God would provide where he was guiding. So I stopped at the bank on the way to my new home in a new city. I applied for a loan.

As I was driving from California to Arizona. So I continued my journey not knowing how things would work out. While I was driving to Arizona, I got the call on my cell phone that my loan was approved. 

I arrived in Arizona just before the rental office closed to sign the lease, pay the man, and get the keys to our new home.

That was one faith adventure as a single mom of two. More stories of faith are in my book, God’s Prosperity, sold on Paypal.

Frederick Buechner is a theologian, ordained Presbyterian minister and writer. He’s also an unlikely social media sensation, with more than 1.5 million followers. On July 11, 2016, he turned 90.

My name is Nek’ka Migel and it’s been my pleasure to share a little from my life experience as provoked by the above quote of Frederick Buechner.

So I’ll ask it again, “Can you walk by faith without knowing the final destination? “

Have a good evening, everyone! And thanks for stopping by.

Could You Imagine Losing the Son of God?, saved good blog

Luke 2

Could you imagine losing the son of God?
The Parents lost Jesus for a minute…or 3 days!

Could you imagine losing the Son of God?

I cannot imagine what Mary and Joseph were feeling especially if they knew that Jesus was the Son of God. I mean, they must have been going out of their minds. Not only because it was their child but because He is the Son of God.

And they lost Him!

Sad day!

Once my kids were “ripped away” from me. They were only 2 and 3 years old. I knew where they were physically, but they were “lost” to me, not home with me, their mother.

My girls were brought back home!

They were restored to my home 10 days later, Praise the Lord. It was a frightful time. I don’t know if my feelings were like what Mary and Joseph felt with their “losing” the Son of God.

Putting it in perspective

When you think about it, God knows where all things are, all people, and even all promises. He hasn’t lost a thing.

Pray for the location of the lost thing and for the promises to come.  If you have lost something, can it be replaced? Was it that valuable that it is irreplaceable?  I ask you again, could you imagine losing the Son of God?

So, the next time you think about losing something think to yourself, at least I didn’t lose the Son of God.

(Or did you?  Something to think about.)

Nek’ka Migel

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Learning Styles with Remote Learning and Homeschooling

how to begin home schooling or remote learning

Learning styles can vary from one person to the next. So when teaching your child on an individual basis without a community of peers it is
important to recognize they are learning from you. But they might not learn the same way that you do.

Take the Learning Style Survey

Testing your child will help you to understand how and why children in the same household are not “getting it” the same way or at the same pace. Because learning styles with remote learning and homeschooling may vary. And feel free to test yourself and see what learning style you prefer if you don’t know this already.

One of my girls was a self-starter and could handle almost any subject by reading a book or doing research on the internet. My other child was more tactile. She needed a learning environment where she could use her hands more, even for math.

So here is one way Learning Styles have been described:

(V) Visual learners like charts and pictures
(A) Auditory learners want to hear it explained out loud. They may be the
one asking many questions
(K) Kinesthetic or Tactile learners want to use touch or physical
activities instead of listening or watching a demonstration

The free guide has a few survey questions for your kids. You should check it out because learning styles with remote learning and homeschooling may vary.

Home School Consulting is Available

Also, if you are in need of homeschool consulting, I can share from my 12-year experience. My last consult came with questions already typed up in a google doc and I was able to answer and even type out some of the answers to their questions during our consult. You and I can just have a verbal conversation if that’s what you prefer. Here is my afternoon calendar.

how to begin home schooling or remote learning
How to begin home schooling or remote learning

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to get your free copy of the Beginner’s Guide to Homeschooling and remote learning.

Nek’ka Migel, Author and Entrepreneur