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Nek'ka Author of God's Prosperity published 1-10-2020. Purchase on Paypal at I wrote this book about my journey out of a poverty mindset with money. Retired Stay-at-home Mom of 17 years, homeschooling for 12 years from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Our free online homeschool guide can be found at I co-wrote this with my daughter, Camille Eddy. I love the LORD, God Almighty and I have devoted my life to Him who shed his blood to atone for my sins for all of my life. And while I am a Christian, you do not have to be a Christian to get value from my consultation or life coaching. Through Consulting with Single Parents, I meet with Single Parents to help them get to their next level in the areas of parenting and finances. Consulting Paypal page at Through Chaplains for Businesses, I pray with Small Business Owners for business strategies, upcoming events, and decisions. I have 20 plus years in the prayer, healing and deliverance ministry. Set an afternoon Discovery Call appointment at Thanks for stopping by. Sincerely and In Christ Name, Nek’ka M.