Don’t Back Down

Having just watched this movie from my local library, I watched people fight for what they want. What are you fighting for? I think about my grand children’s education and I want the best for them and that they won’t get passed over for any reason. I homeschooled my girls and there was no such thing as a failing grade in my school. We just kept at it or changed the curriculum to fit their need(s). This movie is about…

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A Little Humor for Your Day

  ◊ Happy Saturday! Make it a good one!♥ . . . #singlemomsunitellc #humor #help #inspirational #singleparent #motivational #iloveyou #choosetosucceed #iforgiveyou  #iamsorry #hope #thankyou #rejoice #NeverGiveUp #happiness #consultant  #parenting @Nek’ka Migel @Consulting for Single Parents #pray #love #today #success #parent #supportteam #boise #idaho #kids #children #prayer #intercessor #spiritualguidance  #womeninbusiness

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Single Mom Shopping Event

Single Mom Hangout at Walmart in Boise on Overland Dr. October 26th at 11 am. Bring your kids for a happy meal from McDonald’s and a $15 Walmart gift card for you, dear single mom. You might need a new tshirt or want to buy that special coffee blend you’ve been wanting to try. Buy what YOU want. If you need more help, let’s plan a 15 minute time to chat to see about other resources that you could tap…

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Change begins with me!

I know I need to work on me. I’ve seen traits that I need to work on in my character and personality. Yes, I’m admitting to being human with errors. The signs of a wealthy person is that they don’t blame or complain but see how to fix it and/or make changes… even in themselves. I haven’t read this whole book. It is one that is highlighted in the audiobook, “50 Prosperity Classics” that I’m currently listening to. Here are…

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Speak to Your Children

Speak to Your Children Watch “Verbal Judo 1” on YouTube This saved my bacon while raising my kids as a single mom.  I now tell anyone, just “have a conversation” with people, your kids, your boss, etc. I came from the generation that told kids to do things “because I said so!” When someone first suggested I explain things to my kids under 10 years old, I thought they were off their rocker. For kids in a situation where…

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