Learning Styles with Remote Learning and Homeschooling

Learning styles can vary from one person to the next. So when teaching your child on an individual basis without a community of peers it is
important to recognize they are learning from you. But they might not learn the same way that you do.

Take the Learning Style Survey

Testing your child will help you to understand how and why children in the same household are not “getting it” the same way or at the same pace. Because learning styles with remote learning and homeschooling may vary. And feel free to test yourself and see what learning style you prefer if you don’t know this already.

One of my girls was a self-starter and could handle almost any subject by reading a book or doing research on the internet. My other child was more tactile. She needed a learning environment where she could use her hands more, even for math.

So here is one way Learning Styles have been described:

(V) Visual learners like charts and pictures
(A) Auditory learners want to hear it explained out loud. They may be the
one asking many questions
(K) Kinesthetic or Tactile learners want to use touch or physical
activities instead of listening or watching a demonstration

The free guide has a few survey questions for your kids. You should check it out because learning styles with remote learning and homeschooling may vary.

Home School Consulting is Available

Also, if you are in need of homeschool consulting, I can share from my 12-year experience. My last consult came with questions already typed up in a google doc and I was able to answer and even type out some of the answers to their questions during our consult. You and I can just have a verbal conversation if that’s what you prefer. Here is my afternoon calendar.

how to begin home schooling or remote learning
How to begin home schooling or remote learning

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Nek’ka Migel, Author and Entrepreneur