Contract for Referral Marketing

choose to succeed referral contract corrected 4-9-15 draft   Choose to Succeed Referral Marketing “Listening Pays!” Welcome to “Choose to Succeed” Referral Marketing. I am willing to pay for leads. Just from your listening to people around you, you can make money. Interest level: People mention needs such as: 1) needing a legal plan to help them over the phone with a lawyer 2) Allergy to different things requiring toxic free products, personal care or cleaning products or 3) people…

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Referral Marketing

  Choose to Succeed Referral Marketing   It Pays to Listen!   How would you like to earn cash just from listening?  Listening to people around you and their needs.  I might know something or someone to help.  Call for details.   I will pay for Good Leads.   A Good Lead is a person with a sincere need and willing to give you permission to share their name and email address.  It works best if  they can contact me…

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