Happy September

Happy September

Wow! What a whirlwind we have experience with the current pandemic. I am getting back to my writing and hope this post finds all well is with you and yours.

At Chaplains for Businesses, we are well and hoping to give service to more people as they face various crises and different situations. I have gotten many prayer requests for business decisions as well as for personal life decisions and issues.

God’s Prosperity, order here.

Just before the pandemic hit, I published my first book, God’s Prosperity, about my financial journey from a poverty mindset. I was so stuck in my views on money while I was a single mom. I just could not see beyond the next quarter, literally 25 cents. So I held onto that quarter for a rainy day, as it were.

Now I have the opportunity to help many single parents look at their budget and consider their mindset about money. I offer free time to chat for 15-20 minutes to see where the single parent is in their journey. And I offer paid consulting from 45 to 90 minutes. (My Calendar)

Daughter Camille
Graduation 2020

On the personal side, I welcomed in the world, my eighth grandchild. (See the top picture of Alannah.) She was born in January and is local to me. I get to play and interact with her which brings me much joy. My husband and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. And my oldest daughter graduated with her degree in Mechanical Engineer. God has been good to us!

I would love to hear how you are doing. Feel free to drop me a line here, on social media, text your prayer request, or call me. I’ve also set up a calendar where you can schedule time with me over coffee, my treat!

Happy September
Happy September

Happy September to you all.

Nek’ka Migel, Chaplains for Businesses

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Portions of my proceeds go to help single parents.