Prayer Intercession

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Chaplains for Businesses

God’s way versus man’s ways:

In Genesis 19 starting in verse 19,
Lot’s daughters were using <false> logic that said their world was small and there were no other men there for them to continue to the family name. Therefore they made a decision based on their perception.

How many times do we see things from a limited perspective?

Have you ever prayed your own will be done?

Maybe you didn’t say it like that — but as humans on this earth, we don’t have to limit our prayers to our finite understanding.

We can pray to God,

“Thy kingdom come Thy will be done” – as stated in Matthew 6.

Look at the preceding chapter in the bible of Genesis 18 where Abraham interceded for a nation, starting in verse 22 –

Abraham drew near to the LORD (KJV) and started his petition – his request – his prayer, as it were.

He did haggle a little trying to give the best prayer…
Or the prayer that would certainly yield the results he was looking for – on behalf of others…specifically his family.

Abraham didn’t live in that city, yet he was interceding for it. He did have relatives living there. And God knew that!

How much more so can we intercede for our family, friends & businesses now that we have Jesus who died for our sins to make us the righteousness in God! (Isaiah 54:17)

Come Boldly before the throne of grace! Hebrews 4:16 KJV

Chaplains for Businesses would like to come along side you and join our prayers with yours.

We can be proactive in our prayers, praying to God before things just happen versus being reactive having to pray after a situation happens.

Have a blessed day! And consider Chaplains for Businesses as the intercessor/prayer warrior for your business, Today!

Hope to see some of you this Sunday at 1 pm if you are local to the Boise area. Look up Awakenings Coffee House on Overland.

In Christ Name,
Nekka Migel
Chaplains for Businesses
“Doing Business and Ministry Together!”