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A little about my life this Friday, April 21, 2017

What to blog about today, April 21, 2017? I am currently reading How to Flip Your Financial Future by Doug Addison. It is my homework assignment from my business mentor. I am also working on a Hang Out time for single moms through Single Moms Unite!, LLC. I hope to have a good turn out. This month, we are trying to encourage single moms to get their wills done or at least get some information about it. As a single mom,…

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History of Faith

History of Faith Today, I was reading in Create Your World by Patricia King. On Page 156 she said something that resonated with my spirit. She was writing about a hard prayer request. It was the first of it’s kind for her. After God answered the prayer request with an affirmative, she described it as a: “History of faith in God”. He had met their every need as requested. Patricia also considered it, “A Promotion in our faith level”. p.…

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Need prayer for your business?

  Need prayer for your business? Contact me so we can pray…on the phone or in person, together. 🙂 Nek’ka Migel Chaplains for Businesses Video resume for Chaplains for Businesses: Or on Facebook:  

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Small Business Owner, What do you need in your Chaplain?

Small Business owner, do you need prayer for anything? As I vamp up with Chaplains for Businesses in the Boise area focusing on Small Businesses, I want to ask a question. As a business leader, what would you like to see with your company’s chaplain? I have a vast amount of experience in many denominations. I have been a Christian since 1987. I have prayed in the Healing Rooms for a few years, and I was a Convener in the…

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