Multiple Streams of Income

5 Ways of Doing Business

  5 Ways of Doing Business is like the movie industry in some ways. Let’s see if you can guess the key word before you get to the end of the post. 1. An actor goes to Hollywood or New York to get _________________________.  They do bit parts and hope someone will ___________________ them. In Business, we have a really good idea and sometimes we need to be __________________.  We might need sponsorship. We hope to make that strategic alliance…

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How to see Cold Calling in Business

How to see Cold Calling in Business Good message from Anthony Iannarino that I listened to this morning. The title of his YouTube talk is: What You Gain from Cold Calling in Addition to Appointments – Episode 159 This is my takeaway: Check it out when you get a chance.   Nek’ka Migel Choose to Succeed Referral Marketing

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Make your own Clip Art

Clip Art by Nek’ka

Need help creating your own Clip Art?  Contact me here.  Let’s talk    I have been taking pictures since I was a kid with my Polaroid camera.  Now that we have cameras on our phones, I am not limited to film and processing of that film.    Also, I can create Clip Art on my cell phone in my spare time and not have to wait until I get to my computer.   Here is the Landing page where you can…

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Let’s refer one another’s businesses

Ask yourself, who do you know that I should know? In referring others that I have met, I want to refer Gary Meuser and his book A Smarter Heart. Gary is local to the Treasure Valley. If you want to learn more, go to his page and send a note to him. I am randomly posting some of the devotions from Gary’s book to my Single Moms Unite, LLC page if you want to see them there. Let’s refer one…

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