Have you ever had a crisis in your everyday life? Did prayer help you? Have you considered having a prayer intercessor assigned to praying for an upcoming decision or crisis in your business or workplace?

Chaplains for Businesses can stand praying WITH YOU for an answer from God in Heaven for a decision or for a resolution of a crisis.

Was there a traumatic event at the office or with an employee? Chaplains for Businesses can stand PRAYING WITH YOU for the healing of persons affected by the trauma.

Prayer is always free. The fee charged is for time, gas, printing and any other miscellaneous cost. The business owner can choose a monthly or 3 month package.

Also, it can be tailored to the specific need whether it’s prayer:

1) for the business owner 
2) having devotions for the employees, regularly or monthly
3) prayer for any crisis/traumatic event that has affected your workplace

​4) a certain amount of prayer on a regular basis behind the scenes.​

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In Christ Name,
Nek’ka Migel
Chaplains for Businesses