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Video Resume for Chaplains for Businesses

This is a Video Resume for being a Prayer Intercessor at Chaplains for Businesses.   Nek’ka Migel Prayer Intercessor Chaplains for Businesses click here to contact me and/or sign up for the newsletter. . . . . . #prayer #business #chaplain #school #praying #orderofStluke #OSL #Healing #healingrooms #chaplainsforbusinesses #businesses #owners #businessowners #nekkamigel #nekka #mystory #spokane #boise #convener #listen #support #encourage

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Mixing Prayer and Business

Building Prayer into Your Business “This is an uncomfortable thought to many Christian business people, who have been lead to believe that prayer has no place in the business world. That idea may simplify their positions and absolve them, at least in their minds, of responsibility. However, there is no support for it in Scripture, nor in the practices of successful contemporary Biblical businesses. Both of those sources overwhelming support the case for an active, intentional and disciplined approach to…

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Small Business Owner, What do you need in your Chaplain?

Small Business owner, do you need prayer for anything? As I vamp up with Chaplains for Businesses in the Boise area focusing on Small Businesses, I want to ask a question. As a business leader, what would you like to see with your company’s chaplain? I have a vast amount of experience in many denominations. I have been a Christian since 1987. I have prayed in the Healing Rooms for a few years, and I was a Convener in the…

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Confidence Feb. 11, 2017 So I was just reading a chapter in the book, The Nice Girl Syndrome by Beverly Engel. p. 224 says, “Confidence is the quality that enables us to trust ourselves–our intuition, our instincts, our abilities, our ideas, and our opinions. It enables us to move out of ourselves and in the world, trusting that we will be safe and capable and that what we have to offer is of value.” It later says that her “confidence…

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Networking today in the Treasure Valley

Are you interested in networking? If you’re free around 11:30 to 1 pm today, you can promote your business and get other business ideas. And I can share more about Chaplains for Businesses! Nekka Migel First Friday Luncheons are held at the NLP Secure / MaxGiving Headquarters: NLP Conference Center 7225 W Franklin Rd Boise, ID 83709. Park on beechwood or in their parking lot. You’ll see lots of car, some of them with their business logos! free lunch…

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