Journal on Wealth Building

Journal on Wealth Building I was talking to my daughter last night telling her about some of the things I have been learning about Wealth Building. She suggested I journal and blog about it.   Here is a YouTube video from one of the guys that I listen to that is changing my views about money and building wealth. I get many of his books and audiobooks from my local library. His name is Robert Kiyosaki.   https://youtu.be/YFrx9q1gycU He speaks…

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How I use Prayer in my Business by Jenna Shriver

HOW I USE PRAYER IN MY BUSINESS This is a re-post with Jenna Shriver’s permission: JANUARY 9, 2017 Faith & Heart-Centered Encouragement Prayer has a foundational role in my life and business. It’s my only way of staying connected to the Father, my source of Life and Peace. This past week I felt Him inviting me to share with you about the role that prayer plays in my business specifically. To be completely honest with you I’m writing this out…

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Do you succeed in selling?

What is your perspective on why you succeed or not in sharing and selling? Would love to hear your opinion.  I have found it easier to sell to my peers already in networking groups.  I don’t get many hits from my family or closest friends.  But I do get a few. What great advice could you give to others for sharing and selling to turn that contract into revenue? Watch the video hear Anthony Iannarino‘s perspective. Nek’ka Migel Choose To…

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