Hang in there, Dear Single Moms

Don’t Give up, Dear Moms.

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It’s interesting that when my girls were young, as a Single Mom, I wanted to give my girls over to my sister who had a husband and she wanted to have more kids. I thought the struggle was too hard. I had just moved from Memphis to Ohio as a newly divorced woman in 1996. I was devastated to say the least. And it was hard to keep taking the next step.

So there I was in Ohio, with little money, no job, and these two babies yet to be potty trained. It was just a little much for me. I was in my mid thirties. I don’t normally think of myself as a quitter. But I was real close to crying, “uncle”.

So at last, I woke up. I realized that these babies were MY babies! Therefore, they were my responsibility. So I pulled up my bootstraps, Prayed to God for strength and started that new journey as a newly divorced woman raising these babies as a single mom.

So here we are 19 years later almost to the day that my journey started as a single mom and my daughter just last week (Jan 21, 2015) introduced the President of the United States. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/camille-eddy-obama_n_653289….

How cool is that?!?! But to think that all of my efforts paid off in that now she is making her own good choices. She might have given the simple task of giving a short speech, but she was picked by her teachers. Her teachers must have seen something in her that made her a good choice. After all, she has been there for a year and half now. She’s in her 2nd semester as a sophomore at BSU.

I am thankful to my God in heaven for bringing us this far… For helping me to stick it out as a single mom… That obviously I did not wreck my daughter… That she is now making good choices that are having positive influences in her world.

I am just thrilled and proud to be the mother of Camille Eddy. Thanks, Camille, for doing us all proud…all the babysitters, the friends and family that have supported and prayed for you in previous years.

Nek’ka (Eddy) Migel

Single Moms Unite!, LLC


camille with obama
Camille has just introduced the President of the United States at BSU
The news channel showing Camille introducing the President
The news channel showing Camille introducing the President
Pres. Obama thanks Camille for the Introduction
Pres. Obama thanks Camille for the Introduction




An engineering student’s dedication to her field has earned her praise from the president. Camille Eddy, sophomore at Boise State University, was chosen to…


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  1. I too am proud, not only of Camille and her accomplishment,s but her sister Brianna, in making her way in this world also. And most of all, their mother; christian mentor, business woman, and sister in Christ. My Wife!

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