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9 Ways Parents Can Teach Kids to Budget

9 Ways Parents Can Teach Young Kids to Budget http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2016-08-04/9-ways-parents-can-teach-young-kids-to-budget?int=a5a109 “Giving your child an allowance is a good first lesson in budgeting. The allowance should come with a discussion of what the child is responsible for covering and what the parents will pay for. For example, you might tell your 10-year-old that he is responsible for making church donations, buying his own toys and paying for after-school treats with friends.” Excerpt from the article. I had a minimal amount of…

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New to Single Moms Unite!, LLC

Welcome ladies that just joined Single Moms Unite!, LLC. We are here to encourage one another and share the love of Christ. I want to encourage all single moms to get their wills done so they can state guardianship for their minor children, get their life insurance in case something happens to you or them, and start dreaming about the business that you would want to start if you could. I would love to meet all of the local ladies…

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Have you made a positive impact on someone lately?

  Have you made a positive impact on someone lately? I was just thinking of the four years I taught a healing class through the OSL (Order of St. Luke the Physician). It was my goal that when the adult students left the class that they were better off from coming to class. Not worse off. I have a thing about people not beating up on another. I believe everyone has a right to have their own thoughts and views…

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Life Bridge Child survivor Educational Trust fund

Life Bridge Child survivor Educational Trust fund To received the information on the FREE Life Bridge Insurance policy through Mass Mutual, please contact Jerome Whitehead at Secure Solutions at 208-364-0500.  His cell number is 208-585-7654.  It is available to qualified parents, ages 19 to 42, income from 10,000 to 40,000.  Please call Jerome to verify the qualification and get more information.  My information is a couple of years old.  

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Don’t Resent; Move on!

We have to watch that we don’t let resentment grow in our lives so we don’t become bitter and/or hateful. Sometimes we get into unforgiveness towards others or because of a situation. We have to watch that we don’t blame God if it wasn’t His doing. I had given up my career for the moment to raise my two babies. I had closed my business. I had given up my three bedroom home on the corner lot. I had to…

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