Multiple streams of income is possible

Multiple Streams of Income

Hello my name is Nek’ka Migel.

I want to share with you about multiple streams of income.  

What is your passion for 2015?  What is your top passion?


Make a list of your




Specific Knowledge



What you like to do…


Are these things possible?  Are they marketable?


Do you have some inventions inside of you?

Can you patent the idea?

Ask yourself,  Who is my market?

Who am I selling to, already or who should I be selling to?

Who do you know that could help you?

I believe in not putting all of your eggs in one basket and being open to other possibilities.

If one basket fails that doesn’t mean that the other basket will too.

As a single stay at home mom for 16 years,

I could do a number of things for income:


I could do things such as teach piano lesson for which I had ability and natural talent. But it was not at the top of my list for passion which means I was not passionate enough to keep giving piano lessons.

I could also teach other kids and tutor since I had the ability and knowledge to home school my two girls from kindergarten to 12th grade.  I do have a passion for teaching.


Years ago I started a temporary employment agency and I did many of the office jobs for hire.  I organized files and answered phones for other businesses.

As a single mom, that came in handy when a friend of mine needed to be away from her office and she could forward her calls to my phone. That was a source of income making money at home.  It was an ability or acquired knowledge from previous experience.


For 5 years I braided my girls hair. That’s an ability but not one of my top passions. But I was offered a job braiding someone’s hair and it gave me some pocket change. I still have that ability to do hair today, but that is not my top passion.


I had experience as a prayer counselor as well as traveling with the pastor doing healing services and teaching about healing.   Now I can do prayer counseling for businesses by providing prayer counseling to the business owner and even do devotions for the employees. That is one of my abilities and it is a passion for me.


We can all find someone that could benefit from our knowledge. Ask yourself, “Can I market that knowledge?”


I have computer skills (knowledge and abilities) at least the basics of how to use a computer and to navigate around it. So during my years while owning a Temp Agency, I was hired to go in and learn the employer’s computer system.  When they hired the new employee, the employer called me in to train that new employee.


I also taught my girls all (the knowledge) I could about computers (my talent for learning) and they have far exceeded me especially my daughter who just introduced President Obama. She now has had her own Web Design business for a few years.  See her website info below.  

My daughter started in our living room using our home computer where I was the computer guru and her asking me for help with the computer.  Now, I go to her for help!  She has the great abilities knowledge in that area.


I am often accused of not paying attention because I’m taking notes, (a talentability and desire to write). I take lots of notes… while sitting and thinking, while networking, at church or just talking to someone one to one. I do this so I don’t have to rely on my memory.

Is that marketable? You bet!


One day I was on a temporary job assignment and they were so impressed with my note taking that after my temp job had ended they hired me again to come in and use those notes to train their brand new employee who was going to be full time. 


It is astounding what can be marketed and become multiple stream of income for you out of your own passions, your knowledge, your natural abilities and talents.


So today, multiple streams of income for me would be,

teaching which I am doing on a volunteer basis at my church.  I am currently teaching a Boundaries class on Tuesdays for nine weeks.  


I could share the knowledge that I’ve learned from network marketing one on one with a person which is one of the reasons I started the Single Moms Unite!, LLC group which is a networking group to help single working moms create community among themselves in faith, parenting and business.


I have the desire to write a book which is marketable of course. 

I have a couple of published articles in the OSL Healing magazine.
I co- wrote a manual for a church as well as the manual for my temporary employment agency.


This is marketable.  I was recently asked to help train people who are new to this country to know how to work better, using my employment manual.


I currently do a MLM that you can read on  


One of the things they tell you about networking and working with business builders is what you do has to be duplicatable.  That means, what you teach to others should be easy to duplicate.  That does not mean that you can not have your own special and unique touch.  Each person that can have their own unique skill or gift to their community, clients and friends.  That is something that does not have to be duplicated.  That’s something that you don’t have to teach to others.  You are a gifted individual.  Be the individual that you are while teaching good skills in that can be duplicated.


So you heard me talk about teaching my kids about the computer and now my one daughter has her own web design business. My girls packed our home with me many times and they later also got a job packing someone’s home. I also taught them about filing and they got a job with a friend of mine organizing her office. After watching me homeschool for a few years, they had the ability and got a job to tutor a Kindergarten boy and his grades improved so much that he did not have to repeat Kindergarten. And they were paid to tutor.  Someone benefited from my girls knowledge when they were still in primary school. 


So in your world if you are networking to do business, you can teach others, like in your downline, to network. Or if you are good at doing trade shows, you can teach that as well, making what you do for business, duplicatable.


I think the biggest key to having all these talents and abilities and making them marketable and making money at them is scheduling.

You need to schedule and make a schedule.

Schedule your study time for your business, studying your products or services and the rules & regulations.

Schedule your promotion time.

Schedule your work time on your desk and with clients.

And schedule your follow-up time.


My encouragement to you if you’re interested in multiple streams of income, even if it’s just 2 or 3 streams, to schedule it.

Make a schedule  to do a little every day.

Don’t give up.

Get good counsel for what you should focus on whether it is through prayer and/or wise counselors.


My husband has multiple streams of income such as being a flight instructor.

He does AdvoCare which is a weight loss and getting trim program. He is a welder by trade with years of experience.

He is also a certified home inspector.

And a license insurance adjuster. 


It is all about scheduling your day, your week, or your month.

Writing out your goals, your vision, dreams and desires.


These are my thoughts and ideas about Multiple Streams of Income. They can be simple ideas of service to others such as babysitting or doing chores for someone in their home to intricate MLM (Multi-Level Marketing businesses) to more complicated forms of income by forming a Corporation.


A good referral for me would be a person who needs to have their will done or need some legal counsel.  Another good referral for me would be someone who wants to make some extra money and build a business. I am passionate about helping others.


If you have any questions feel free to schedule a one to one with me or give me a call.  I would love to chat with you. 

There is a reply button here where you can give me your email and phone number.  Just in case I have problems with the email and write on there which business you are interested in or if you want to schedule a one to one, if you are local to me.

My name is Nek’ka Migel

of Choose to Succeed Referral Marketing

supporting Single Moms Unite!. LLC and Consulting for Single Parents.

Nek’ka Migel

copyright 2015