My girls are amazing.
Share with me how your children are amazing to you.

Are You Trustworthy?

Are you Trustworthy? I was just thinking about trials and tribulations that keep us from keeping on.  Trials that make us want to break our word to ourselves and to others.  So I ask you, Are you Trustworthy…no matter the circumstance?  I was just going through my journals of 2000 looking for material for my book that I am writing about coming out of the spirit of poverty.   I came across on this writing.  It was a series of questions…

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Don’t let your birth order define you!

Does your birth order define everything about you?   Even the last born can become an “A” type personality when needed and plan her own wedding. Here is my baby girl, lovely as ever. Picture by Debbie Merritt. Thanks, Debbie. What in your life has defined you and caused you to think you can’t do something, like your birth order or how someone has labeled you? Think about it and let me know your thoughts!  Does your birth order define…

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Building Confidence in kids

Building Confidence in Kids Feb 11, 2017 I was just reading a chapter in the book, The Nice Girl Syndrome by Beverly Engel. p. 224 says, “Confidence is the quality that enables us to trust ourselves–our intuition, our instincts, our abilities, our ideas, and our opinions. It enables us to move out of ourselves and in the world, trusting that we will be safe and capable and that what we have to offer is of value.” It later says that…

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9 Ways Parents Can Teach Kids to Budget

9 Ways Parents Can Teach Young Kids to Budget “Giving your child an allowance is a good first lesson in budgeting. The allowance should come with a discussion of what the child is responsible for covering and what the parents will pay for. For example, you might tell your 10-year-old that he is responsible for making church donations, buying his own toys and paying for after-school treats with friends.” Excerpt from the article. I had a minimal amount of…

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