My Identity Shapes My Activity


Actions Follow Identity

In watching and listening to the video listed below, I was struck by the phrase, “Has my identity shaped my activity?”

I recently had an opportunity to enter a business deal for the purpose of making lots of money. As I sat there listening to the pitch, I felt I had already answered that question expressing “no interest” in joining this person’s business in previous interactions. I was simply meeting them in person for possible future referrals.

Well, anyone who knows me probably would not descibes me as money hungry. Yet this salesperson was determined to play on that chord…like I would hear something and jump. Are you a salesperson like that?

Knowing my identity in Christ to obey and follow God’s leading, I told this person that if God wanted me in this business, I would be there tomorrow. (I’ve told many people this.) I try to give myself a chance to sleep on the matter before I give a definite answer.

I felt this question had been answered weeks ago and this person didn’t get MY answer. Maybe they thought I had changed my mind or that they could convince me to join.

As I consider single parents out there, how many potential mates how come on strong like this? You say, No, and they are still trying to turn your No into a Yes. Is your identity in your marital status? I had that hangup during my 16 years as a stay at home single mom. 

Today, my identity is in Christ and not money, fame, worldly success or marital status.

Thank you God for good friends with whom I can  share my frustrations and good friends who keep pointing me back to You, Your will and Your way, in Christ Name, Thank You, Lord!

Luke 19:1-10

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