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I was a single mom for 16 years. I got out of thousands of dollars of debt twice. My children are grown now. One is married raising children. Another just finished her degree in Mechanical Engineer. Both were homeschooled from Elementary to 12th grade before going into the college of their choice.

I wrote a book on overcoming the poverty mindset called, God’s Prosperity. Click this link to order the book from Paypal.

God’s Prosperity, a book by Nek’ka Migel

I have been a Christian for over 30 years. You do not have to be a Christian to gain from my insight.

Check out Life Coaching for the single parents in the areas of finances and parenting.

I have a survey of questions to ask that helps you to know where you are and gives me an idea of how to personalize our time together.

The cost of $25 is based on a 30-40 minute session. We can book more sessions if needed. This introductory price includes the survey and 30-40 minute phone call or video conferencing session.

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I am available before 8 am MT or afternoons 1 – 4 pm MT. I am in the Mountain Time Zone. If you need other times, please email me at

Consulting for Single Parents

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Nek’ka Migel, Founder of Consulting for Single Parents

God’s Prosperity

God taught me some amazing financial lessons while I was a single parent. And I’m still learning though my kids are grown and out of the house. I wrote about my financial journey in God’s Prosperity.

I am excited to report that my book is finished with the Library of Congress number and Copyright. It was quite the writing journey. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, the cost is a mere $5, if you want to meet up sometime soon. Please add $2 for shipping for snail mail. Pay via PayPal!

Leave a comment here if you want to purchase a copy or review the copy you read.

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Nek’ka Migel

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Who Are You?

Day 10 of 30 day Minimalist Challenge

Who are you?

Day 10 journal of my 30 day Minimalist Challenge

On 1-5-2020, I was reminded that I need accountability. I never voiced this until recently.

My mother never checked on me because she knew I would land on my feet.

In listening to the audiobook,

13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do [electronic resource] / by Amy Morin,

I realized that I have been living my life this way… without accountability. I’m the one who checks on others. And I never required, requested or demanded that people look in on me… to check up on my status in one area or another.

Even my husband has seen me as a Super Woman! I did have two lady friends around 2014 who were good at checking up on me. And when they moved away, I was devastated. Though I couldn’t understsnd my deep grief over their departure.

It was stemmed back to the familial saying, “Nek’ka always lands on her feet”. These two ladies gave me what I was missing… then they were gone.

I mentioned this a few days ago, in my minimalist challenge blog, that I’ve hired a couple of coaches for 2020. The year for praises and not complaints. So I’m incorporating my own helps and hand holding.

I’ve had mentors over the past 20 years and while I was given assignments, so many other areas of my life were unattended to or overlooked.

In Amy’s book, she was relaying a story of how a women’s family of origin had nicknames for all the kids and she was living up to hers even subconsciously. This woman didn’t examine her life to see if that label resonated with who she identified as an individual.

And I never shook off that label, “she’ll always land on her feet”. It’s good to know or believe that. But how is that suppose to happen?

When I land on my feet, are my ankles sometimes twisted? Did I break my legs landing on my feet because I had no assistance? I never saw negative in that statement. I was just doing my best to live up to that expectation.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some really good friends that I can call when needed. And we’re all busy with our daily lives. When I see them, we all get caught up on the latest happenings and have a good laugh. And then I go back to my world of “landing on my feet”… alone, as it were.

What childhood or early adult nicknames or statements are you trying to live up to? Do they resonate with your true identity, your core being? Write your comments below.


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Single Mom Shopping Event

Single Mom Hangout at Walmart in Boise on Overland Dr.

October 26th at 11 am. Bring your kids for a happy meal from McDonald’s and a $15 Walmart gift card for you, dear single mom. You might need a new tshirt or want to buy that special coffee blend you’ve been wanting to try. Buy what YOU want.

If you need more help, let’s plan a 15 minute time to chat to see about other resources that you could tap into. I will have my resource notebook there where you can take pictures of places around town that offer different services.

Hope to see you there!

Nek’ka Migel


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My Identity Shapes My Activity


Actions Follow Identity

In watching and listening to the video listed below, I was struck by the phrase, “Has my identity shaped my activity?”

I recently had an opportunity to enter a business deal for the purpose of making lots of money. As I sat there listening to the pitch, I felt I had already answered that question expressing “no interest” in joining this person’s business in previous interactions. I was simply meeting them in person for possible future referrals.

Well, anyone who knows me probably would not descibes me as money hungry. Yet this salesperson was determined to play on that chord…like I would hear something and jump. Are you a salesperson like that?

Knowing my identity in Christ to obey and follow God’s leading, I told this person that if God wanted me in this business, I would be there tomorrow. (I’ve told many people this.) I try to give myself a chance to sleep on the matter before I give a definite answer.

I felt this question had been answered weeks ago and this person didn’t get MY answer. Maybe they thought I had changed my mind or that they could convince me to join.

As I consider single parents out there, how many potential mates how come on strong like this? You say, No, and they are still trying to turn your No into a Yes. Is your identity in your marital status? I had that hangup during my 16 years as a stay at home single mom. 

Today, my identity is in Christ and not money, fame, worldly success or marital status.

Thank you God for good friends with whom I can  share my frustrations and good friends who keep pointing me back to You, Your will and Your way, in Christ Name, Thank You, Lord!

Luke 19:1-10

Watch “Time of Grace Ministry   Image   Day 4” on YouTube
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