How to Begin Home Schooling or Remote Learning

how to begin home schooling or remote learning

Have you asked how to begin home schooling or remote learning? Just how do I begin this journey?

When I first tried to homeschool, I already had a desire to homeschool my girls, but the timing was not right. Nor did I have the grace to do such when they were preschoolers. How could it be so hard to teach my girls their colors and numbers? Yet it was not the right time. It was like I was striving too hard and they were not comfortable either.

We had just moved to another state in 2000 when troubled waters were upon us. I strongly believed, for their safety, it was finally time to homeschool my girls, doing the best job I could. So I took my daughters our of Kindergarten and First Grade public school.

How to begin home schooling or remote learning

Some of you have been thrust into this situation of remote learning or schooling at home. So, it is the right time for you to homeschool. I shared some tips, insights, and experiences that I had from homeschooling my two daughters for 12 years in the Beginner’s Guide to Homeschooling.

how to begin home schooling or remote learning
How to begin home schooling or remote learning

Home Schooling during crisis times can be very adventurous and enlightening to the needs and learning styles of your children. I learned so much about my daughters being their teacher as well as their parent. And I believe you could learn much about your children, as well.

For parents whose children were in public school before the Coronavirus Pandemic, they might have been ‘lumped in’ with children of various learning styles at school. Now you find yourself faced with deciding how to help your children succeed in their schooling but at home. Coaching is available.

In Beginner’s guide to Homeschooling, you can read about learning styles, finding curriculum and how my local community helped shaped my family’s homeschooling experience and hopefully how it can help you shape your learners into well prepared students for the upcoming school years.

Home School Coaching is available

For Home school Coaching, I am available some afternoons. Feel free to make an appointment. You can also make a Discovery Appointment for 15 minutes to learn more about my experience with homeschooling before setting your own Home School Coaching appointment. I will help you with how to begin home schooling or remote learning for your children.

My name is Nek’ka Migel. I hope I can be of service to you. Just know that I am praying for you and the good work you want to do in your child’s life!

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Nek’ka Migel, Author and Entrepreneur

Nek’ka Migel, Author and Entrepreneur

What are you learning this week?

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What are you learning this week?

Here is this week’s business educational training opportunity.

My challenge to you is to pick out 5 episodes this week.  They are each about 45 minutes long.  The website is:

Today, I (Nek’ka) listened to episode 98 with Ebony Pope who is the “Director of US Ventures at Village Capital. She oversees Village Capital’s work in finding and supporting US start-ups in the five sectors that receive investment from Vilcap Investments.”

Ebony worked at “New Urban Learning, a charter education management company focused on preparing Detroit students to successfully graduate from four-year colleges and universities. She is also a former Googler and holds a B.B.A in Finance from Howard University.”

Links mentioned on this episode.

  * Sponsors for Educational Opportunities
* Village Capital
* Achievement First
* Pipeline Angels

More links are mentioned on the podcast page at as well as Ebony’s social media links.

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I hope you are inspired and challenged in your learning this week.  They say the average growing entrepreneur reads 2 books per week.  So listening to 5 episodes should be a cinch, for you!

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As an ENTREPRENEUR, you have a voice…a message even. 

Is it positive or negative

Does it encourage or discourage?

I find that when I surround myself with successful people and people who truly see themselves as successful, they can encourage me. They already have success so it is not a threat for them to see me succeed.

I find when I am around people who see themselves as failures and things never go right for them, they can lift me up for a minute but then two minutes later, tear me down twice as much as they just built me up.

Be careful who surrounds you. It can make a world of difference!

And it could affect your message.

What are you telling people lately…with your voice?

My motto is: I Choose to Succeed! Do you?

Nek’ka Migel

I have a VOICE with eyes forward and upward!


Single Moms Unite! Oct 6, 2014 Agenda

Single Moms Unite! Oct 6, 2014 Agenda

October 14th, 2014 / No Comments » Edit

Agenda oct 6-14

October 6, 2014

Agenda for Single Moms Unite!

6:30 refreshments and mingle

6:45 Prayer to open meeting

6:50 Purpose and Scriptures for Single Moms Unite! Ezra 7:27 Blessed be the Lord God of our fathers, which hath put such a thing as this in the king’s heart, to beautify the house of the Lord which is in Jerusalem:

Previous Meetings

July 2014 Our first meeting. I gave a Handout of Scriptures on Work Ethic

Aug 2014 Mylinh Fetterman from Washington Trust Bank spoke on Budgeting and Money Management and we learn about LIFE Bridge, a free life insurance policy on the parent (certain restrictions apply) by Mass Mutual

Sept 2014 Susan Mahoney spoke about prepaid legal service that includes getting your will done and we passed out coupons for Advance Lock and Key who provides Free Emergency Child Lockout service

7:00 Words of Encouragement:

Today I want to encourage you to keep your eyes on God who made the Heaven and Earth and reach out when you need help.

Call someone. Call me. You are not alone!

7:30 Prayer request and concerns in the work place and for our children

Next meeting date(s) c :

Nov. 3 at 6:30 pm with Mary Beth from Mary Kay doing Makeovers.

Dec 1 at 6:30 will be a Christmas Party.

7:45 End with Final (Cleansing) Prayer

8 pm  Thank you for coming! I hope you were blessed!