What are you learning this week?

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What are you learning this week?

Here is this week’s business educational training opportunity.

My challenge to you is to pick out 5 episodes this week.  They are each about 45 minutes long.  The website is:  http://www.sidehustlepro.co/category/podcast/


Today, I (Nek’ka) listened to episode 98 with Ebony Pope who is the “Director of US Ventures at Village Capital. She oversees Village Capital’s work in finding and supporting US start-ups in the five sectors that receive investment from Vilcap Investments.”

Ebony worked at “New Urban Learning, a charter education management company focused on preparing Detroit students to successfully graduate from four-year colleges and universities. She is also a former Googler and holds a B.B.A in Finance from Howard University.”

Links mentioned on this episode.

  * Sponsors for Educational Opportunities
* Village Capital
* Achievement First
* Pipeline Angels

More links are mentioned on the podcast page at http://www.sidehustlepro.co/ebonypope/ as well as Ebony’s social media links.

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I hope you are inspired and challenged in your learning this week.  They say the average growing entrepreneur reads 2 books per week.  So listening to 5 episodes should be a cinch, for you!

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