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Being a single mother can have it's difficulties. Single parenting can also be lonely without the support of others who are going or have been through the same thing. Single Mom's Unite!, LLC is a free group to join and find a support network of other single mothers learning and living life on Facebook and on a one to one visit with Nek'ka.

Consulting for Single Parents is for single moms and single dads in a one to one consultation.  Consulting options are in the areas of:

1. Emotional and Spiritual Stability
2. Child Rearing/Parenting
3. Wardrobe/Dieting/Exercising
4. Business ideas/Job helps
5. Financial/Budgeting information

Started by Nek'ka Migel who lived as a single, stay-at-home mom for 16 years, Nek'ka can really help with tips and advice from her years of single parenting and choosing to succeed.

Do you need tips or a list of resources to help make life a little more manageable? Check out some of the files on the Facebook closed group for single moms:

  • Self Rescue Manual
  • Stories of Encouragement
  • Free Term insurance for qualified applicants called Life Bridge Child Survivor Educational Trust Fund
  • Occasional Free Oil Change
  • Will information for stating guardianship for your minor child
  • Kitchen Skills for adults called Create a Common Good
  • Free Emergency child lockout in the Treasure Valley
  • Bible Verses About Work Ethic
  • A Plea for Morality by Chuck Swindoll

Join the FREE group Single Mom's Unite!, LLC. And hear tips from Nek'ka and others about tithing, saving, :"choosing to be better and not bitter" and much more.

Single Parents not on Facebook can Visit Nek'ka's website at:

and moms can join the Facebook closed group at Single Moms Unite!

Please LIKE the FB page at Single Moms Unite!, LLC

And no matter what, repeat after me, "I Choose to Succeed!"


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Join the FB group for tips and suggestions for Single Moms.

By donating today, you can help single moms with needs, such as getting oil changes or their wills done.

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