5 Ways of Doing Business

  5 Ways of Doing Business is like the movie industry in some ways. Let’s see if you can guess the key word before you get to the end of the post. 1. An actor goes to Hollywood or New York to get _________________________.  They do bit parts and hope someone will ___________________ them. In Business, we have a really good idea and sometimes we need to be __________________.  We might need sponsorship. We hope to make that strategic alliance…

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Single Moms Unite! this Friday!

Single Moms Unite! We will meet this Friday at 6:30, March 6 at my Clubhouse! Tell your single mom friends! Bring your kids… Wear your jeans… and You can bring your laptops so that as we network, you can look up information right there! Any questions? Call me at 208-724-1093 or email me at If you can bring food to share, that’s great. If not, just come anyway. I’ll have something for us to munch on. 🙂 Networking for…

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Single Moms Unite first meeting July 7, 2014 at 6:30 pm

Single Moms Unite  First meeting I want to share what I have learned and even bring in other business leaders to share their insights. Some people have failed at, let’s say, Multi Level Marketing, because they did not have the right tools, the right expectations, or the team to support and encourage them to hang in there and get through the rough patches until they see success. There are stages to just about everything. And God is interested in our…

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