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Single Parent Meet and Greet

We have been having events in the Boise area since 2014. And this is our 2nd Pocatello event. The intent of this meeting is to connect with other single parents on the parenting level.

We started as Single Moms Unite! in 2014 with monthly meetings. Then in 2015, we became, Single Moms Unite!, LLC and continued with quarterly gatherings. In 2017, we added Consulting for Single Parents offering life coaching tips and continuing with quarterly get togethers such as bowling, park day, meeting & greeting in other non-profit business offices, and coffee house gatherings. In 2021, we are launching the Anna Grace Foundation.

In 2022, we will officially start the Anna Grace Foundation, Inc. to continue the gatherings, provide local resource information, as well as blog useful information for single parents. Having a team to brainstorm with and add their network of knowledgeable people will further help us help you, the single parent, parents who may be parenting without a partner.

Nek’ka was a single mom for 16 years and her kids are grown now. Amber, the co-host, is still a single mom and has helped many single moms as well.

We would love to hear your story if you want to share it.
We know that many single parents are looking for local resource information. We want to provide a safe place for you to chat with other single parents and chat with experienced former single parents.

Also, if you have a dream for your life, we want to see how to collaborate with you on building your dream. So, come on out and meet Nek’ka, the founder of the Anna Grace Foundation, and her Executive Assistant of the Pocatello division, Amber.

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