What bridge are you at?

Where are you now?

And where do you hope to be or want to be?

Have you figured out a way to bridge the gap between where you are and where you need to be? Can I help you? Let me know.

Below are some inspirational YouTube videos by Jim Rohn who quotes scriptures and has had success in life and his business life. I believe some of his speeches might inspire you and help getting you from one side of that bridge to the other side.


Jim Rohn – Learn This Skill or Live a Mediocre Life – YouTube


Jim Rohn – Personal Development – Living An Exceptional Life

– YouTube


Jim Rohn – Live Your Best Life Ever In This Universe – YouTube



Jim Rohn – Topic


Listen to these motivational talk with the ear of God. Subscribe to the truth. I always tell those around me, it’s not my opinion that matters, but what is true. So if this man can share some truths with you, I would suggest being on the side of truth. Not his side, but the side of truth.

My story for getting from one side of the bridge to another happened from perseverance. I kept putting one foot in front of the other. I had to keep deciding to not give up. It was not a one time decision. I still have to decide even today, to not give up.

As I come to a bridge, I have to purposely decide to cross that bridge. We can see that we are approaching a bridge of success. And we have a choice to cross or not cross. There are bridges of despair that we can avoid and not enter a road of bitterness. We have a choice.

There are bridges with turning points. Can you imagine one of those bridges that swings and you are on this bridge that can transport you to a different path? You can probably remember some time in your life when you were at a turning point and you had to make a decision: to keep going, status quo or make a change, even a slight change.

swinging bridge turning around 360 degrees

Consider you current path. Are you on a good path or do you need to take a swinging bridge off that path? Again, let me know if I can help or pray for you.

Praying for your good health, for your good fortune and for your well being, today. Keep your eyes on Jesus!

Sincerely and

In Christ Name,

Nek’ka Migel

Chaplains for Businesses






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