3 Tip To Save Face When Others Have Done You Wrong

3 Tip To Save Face When Others Have Done You Wrong When I was newly divorced, I was so hurt.  I had a hard time not reliving the story as I felt it.  I was still in pain.  I had not healed.   If you are business owner, a family member, a church goer, etc, this could apply to you.  I will tell you briefly what I learned because of my pain as a newly divorced, single mom of two…

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How to see Cold Calling in Business

How to see Cold Calling in Business Good message from Anthony Iannarino that I listened to this morning. The title of his YouTube talk is: What You Gain from Cold Calling in Addition to Appointments – Episode 159 This is my takeaway: Check it out when you get a chance.   Nek’ka Migel Choose to Succeed Referral Marketing

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Chrysalis 15th Anniverary Fundraiser

The Chrysalis 15th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser. The Date is Sunday June 25th, 2;30pm, at the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise. The cost is only $12.00. Bruce Marchiano will be our special speaker. Everyone attending will also receive a DVD of Bruce’s latest movie, Allisons Choice. Brian Yeager of KYSY will be our MC and there will be light refreshments. Go to chrysaliswomenidaho.org and sign up today! Or call 208-424-1323 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1681638375198684&substory_index=0&id=148062145222989 I am interested in this because of my desire…

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How do you put your message in Clip Art?

How do you put your message in Clip Art?  Contact me here. Use your company name or your actual name.  Use your logo, personal or business. Post to Social Media and print to put on bulletin boards. Add to your mailings…your sayings, your messages, an idea you have in a colorful way.  Use your pictures. I’ll show you how for a nominal fee.  Contact me here! Nek’ka Migel Choose-to-succeed.org

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Be Authentic!

She Was Sick Of Being Photoshopped, So She Did This. I just seen this on Facebook.  It was a cool singing video that I created the clip art below.  Hope you check out her video! Read more here.   Check out Colbie’s webpage at http://colbiecaillat.com/ In Christ Name, Nek’ka Migel Choose-to-succeed.org Be Authentic Today!    Show the real you!    People can sense a phony!   Clip Art by Nek’ka     http://tinyurl.com/clip2art

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