Don’t Back Down


Having just watched this movie from my local library, I watched people fight for what they want. What are you fighting for?

I think about my grand children’s education and I want the best for them and that they won’t get passed over for any reason. I homeschooled my girls and there was no such thing as a failing grade in my school. We just kept at it or changed the curriculum to fit their need(s).

This movie is about education. And it is also about passion. As I sit here nearing 60 really fast, I ponder my own life and wonder what I am passionate about! Anyone who meets me might get the sense that I’m passionate about people, relationships and specifically Single Parents especially Single Moms.

I want to encourage you dear single mom while you are considering your passion in life, while you are working that job or business and taking care of your kids, to not back down. Don’t give up.

Find your passion in life.

Know when to relax and take a break.

And know when to keep the ‘pedal to the metal’.

Don’t give up, dear single mom. Call me if you need to chat, need a little pep talk or just want someone to listen.

In Christ Name,

Nek’ka Migel




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In Christ Name,

Nek’ka Migel

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