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The Difference Between Heart Belief and Mental Doubts

The Difference Between Heart Belief and Mental Doubts “Faith involves an intimate relationship with God, where the will of God surpasses the desires of the human will. We must not allow doubt to rise up in our heart when we become aware of God’s intention to move giant obstacles on our behalf. Instead we must believe with all our heart that God will bring to pass all of his promises. The doubts that cause destruction and bring failure are those…

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P.S. Never Give up!

P.S. Never Give up! How many times have we wanted to give up and throw in the towel on being a single parent?   Possibly wanting to give the kids away… Don’t do it!   You hear that and say it just isn’t that easy to keep going. I agree. Sometimes it is not that easy.   If you need prayer, go to the closest God fearing Christian around you and start praying for the situation. I am available to…

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Let’s refer one another’s businesses

Ask yourself, who do you know that I should know? In referring others that I have met, I want to refer Gary Meuser and his book A Smarter Heart. Gary is local to the Treasure Valley. If you want to learn more, go to his page and send a note to him. I am randomly posting some of the devotions from Gary’s book to my Single Moms Unite, LLC page if you want to see them there. Let’s refer one…

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A little about my life this Friday, April 21, 2017

What to blog about today, April 21, 2017? I am currently reading How to Flip Your Financial Future by Doug Addison. It is my homework assignment from my business mentor. I am also working on a Hang Out time for single moms through Single Moms Unite!, LLC. I hope to have a good turn out. This month, we are trying to encourage single moms to get their wills done or at least get some information about it. As a single mom,…

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History of Faith

History of Faith Today, I was reading in Create Your World by Patricia King. On Page 156 she said something that resonated with my spirit. She was writing about a hard prayer request. It was the first of it’s kind for her. After God answered the prayer request with an affirmative, she described it as a: “History of faith in God”. He had met their every need as requested. Patricia also considered it, “A Promotion in our faith level”. p.…

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