Build your community, single moms!

10 Ways to Develop Community for a Single Mom

10 Ways to Develop Community for a Single Mom Do you desire to have more friends, dear Single Mom?  Do you want to increase your current community?  Here are 10 tips that can help you develop your community. 1.  Are you a single mom?  Be confident in yourself as a single mom.  You do not have to have all the answers at once.  Be confident in what you do know.  Being confident may make some woman avoid you out of…

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Override Your Doubts with Commitment

Good morning, my community! I was encouraged this week about the ideas and dreams God has been placing in my heart and spirit. So I want to pass on the encouragement. Never give up on your God given dreams. If you’ve made an honest commitment, see it through. Question your DOUBTS! Rather than letting your Doubts dictate to you false allegations. (Need Prayer for these Doubts?) Your Doubts may be based on truth. So investigate. Don’t let your doubts shut…

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Piece it Together

I was just listening to Steven Furtick this morning who’s message was entitled, “Piece it Together”.  You can watch the sermon on YouTube at   He talked about when the process does not look like the promise.  Sometimes things are still in pieces like a puzzle. But when we put them together,  it will reveal the fulfilled promise…of a complete picture no longer in pieces as in a new puzzle box.   Check out the YouTube video!  It’s great! Sincerely…

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3 Tip To Save Face When Others Have Done You Wrong

3 Tip To Save Face When Others Have Done You Wrong When I was newly divorced, I was so hurt.  I had a hard time not reliving the story as I felt it.  I was still in pain.  I had not healed.   If you are business owner, a family member, a church goer, etc, this could apply to you.  I will tell you briefly what I learned because of my pain as a newly divorced, single mom of two…

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How to see Cold Calling in Business

How to see Cold Calling in Business Good message from Anthony Iannarino that I listened to this morning. The title of his YouTube talk is: What You Gain from Cold Calling in Addition to Appointments – Episode 159 This is my takeaway: Check it out when you get a chance.   Nek’ka Migel Choose to Succeed Referral Marketing

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