Do You Experience Push Back On The Job?

Do you experience push back on the job or in ministry? I was just thinking about how people sometimes give you a run around when you want to help.  Whether it is helping people or helping in a situation.  The experiences I am about to share happened while I was a single stay at home mom.  While you are reading them, you may see similarities to incidences in your life or job.   So, what is with the push back? Why…

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A Smarter Heart has electromagnetic energy

“The human heart is powered by electromagnetic energy…” If you are a home schooling parent or like teaching your kids extra things outside of their school day, consider this book.  Gary Meuser wrote a book called A Smarter Heart. It is an awesome thing to think how wonderful God created our bodies.   Here is an excerpt from the devotion: “The human heart is powered by electromagnetic energy which is 5,000 times greater in strength than the brains magnetic field.” Read the devotion below.…

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