A Smarter Heart has electromagnetic energy

“The human heart is powered by electromagnetic energy…” If you are a home schooling parent or like teaching your kids extra things outside of their school day, consider this book.  Gary Meuser wrote a book called A Smarter Heart. It is an awesome thing to think how wonderful God created our bodies.   Here is an excerpt from the devotion: “The human heart is powered by electromagnetic energy which is 5,000 times greater in strength than the brains magnetic field.” Read the devotion below.…

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Sing When You’re Not Praying

Consider Singing for an answer from God! I love to sing. This is what I am doing when I am not praying. This season, I am promoting my business, Chaplains for Businesses. If I can pray for you as a Small Business Owner for an upcoming decision, event or current crisis, please contact me. The first half hour is free. God has spoken to me Through the power of Praise through song: Acts 16:25-26 (KJV) 25 And at midnight Paul…

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“I have a Voice” to say “No!” to abuse!

Interesting article for ones looking at abusive relationships in marriage and considering if divorce should be an option for themselves or someone they know. If we don’t speak up, then others might think they are alone. If we do speak up, others can share insights, books, and resources as well as a special friendship to have during the rough times! Nekka Migel Here are some excerpts from this article written by Gary Thomas: “Every divorce is the result of sin,…

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