What is Cultish behavior?

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What is Cultish Behavior?

Do you ever feel like you are caught in someone’s web?  Like being in warm water and all of a sudden the water is boiling? 

What would you DO when someone seems to be playing God in your life? 

What would you do if your rights were being denied to be an individual person and make decisions as the adult you are?  Does this sound like a cult? 

Even if it is not, it is definitely cultish behavior.  You might find out if there were any controlling situations in that person’s life…if you care to know.  Sometimes, when I have prayed for people, I have gotten quicker results when I knew some of the roots to their behavior.   

Ladies, I have had men in my life that decided what was right for me, how to dress down to the length of my skirt.  And you might ask why I would listen!  FEAR. 

Fear of them leaving.  Fear of being alone.  Fear of financial struggles.  Fear.  But today, I trust God and I don’t fear what man will DO TO me or not do FOR me.  It doesn’t stop cultish people from coming into my life. 

So hopefully, I will see the signs a little better and a little faster to raise my hand like the singer who said, Stop…in the name of Love.  Though my lyrics will probably be, Stop or I’ll… and you can fill in the blank.   

As a Christian, we all have the right to hear from God for ourselves.  As an adult, we all have the right to make right or wrong choices.  Do you ever hear people using maxims, certain proverbs or even scriptures to try to control or manipulate you?  What are they fearing? 

They might have some fears that cause them to want to control you.  I don’t know if you can or if you want to reassure them of anything, but it’s worth a shot…if they are worth the shot.   So watch out when people use other sayings to justify their standing, their position or even their reasoning. 

Some people have a Cult of One and they are working hard to draw you in, to sign you up for their cult so that they are not alone.  Don’t allow yourself to get isolated.  Once they have you as their follower, they might not stop with you.  Or maybe they will. 

When I was in a cult, I didn’t know it.  But when they made some grandiose statements to my destiny saying I could not progress in life without joining them, it just didn’t resonate with me so I didn’t join.  I just didn’t have a peaceful feeling that they were correct. 

Then the next year, I met someone who was the Cult of One.  They had lost their previous followers and I was the next fish on the hook.  And I got hooked.  It took a few years to get out.  And I am glad to be out.  The brainwashing is still there influencing me some. 

But as I study God’s words in the bible, I am able to be more and more free.  One thing that I love in life is a two way conversation, a two way relationship.  If things always go their way especially for major decisions, you might consider if you are in a cult of one.  I am trying to be delicate here only because you who have been affected know what I speak of.  But I do not want to condemn you.  I want to share knowledge so that the truth you know will set you free.  I will say a prayer for you to get out of any organization or cult of one or two or three as soon as you can. 

Children can get caught in their parent’s cult.  With their parents teaching them personalize doctrines.  We don’t use that word when looking into dysfunctional families.  But why not?  Why not call it what it is and deal with it based on truth and use the tactics to help intervene for innocent parties.  Or maybe I am just the naive one in what things like this are called. 

I feel for you, dear soul, who are caught in the web.  The web of lies and manipulation.  My heart yearns to see you free even as I write this and you read this. 

One way that I got my mind set free was to read Tyndale Daily Bibles.  Reading through the bible everyday set my mind free so much that it was causing problems as the Cult of a few that I was in was slowly losing one of their members:  me. 

Life was not easy during that time.  Eventually, I had the strength and a word from the LORD to move away.  It was so subtle, the abusive ways, the controlling manner plus I was naive.  Young and Naive. 

One author that I read regularly is, Doug Addison.  His books are so simple to me yet life changing.  I specifically recommend, Personal Development God’s Way by Doug Addison. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts today.  The stories above are from years and years ago.  And as I meet new controlling people, it depends on how controlling they are and how much power they are trying to exert over me that I would call them a Cult of one.  And they are probably alone because others have put up with their mess enough that they have said, enough is enough. 

If you want to have a personal conversation about getting out of your situation or just to discern if that IS your situation, I would love to chat with you.  I do this for a living in consulting with people by offering spiritual guidance, the Christian way. 

But for you, dear soul, I will give you a free 15 minute session.  Just go to one of my landing pages at the top of this page.  One is for Single Parents and the other is for Small Business owners. It doesn’t matter which one.  You pick.  Just contact me here or on any other social media. See links below.

You can even email me at nmigel@choose-to-succeed.org.  Thanks for stopping by and I am hoping you are reading this for a friend and that you are free…free… free as a bird! Oh, and I just thought of another book if you know you are in an abusive situation that could help identify situation and also tell you what you do to provoke the situation which might not be easy to hear…but it’s the truth that will set you free.  The book is by Lundy Bancroft, Called Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men.

My name is Nek’ka Migel.  And that’s what I know about that subject.  Nek’ka’s Niche is everything I know about SOME things.


and In Christ Name,

Nek’ka Migel,


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