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Mixing Prayer and Business

“This is an uncomfortable thought to many Christian business people, who have been lead to believe that prayer has no place in the business world. That idea may simplify their positions and absolve them, at least in their minds, of responsibility. However, there is no support for it in Scripture, nor in the practices of successful contemporary Biblical businesses. Both of those sources overwhelming support the case for an active, intentional and disciplined approach to prayer in business.”  This is…

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Sing When You’re Not Praying

Consider Singing for an answer from God! I love to sing. This is what I am doing when I am not praying. This season, I am promoting my business, Chaplains for Businesses. If I can pray for you as a Small Business Owner for an upcoming decision, event or current crisis, please contact me. The first half hour is free. God has spoken to me Through the power of Praise through song: Acts 16:25-26 (KJV) 25 And at midnight Paul…

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A Smarter Heart seeks God more

A Smarter Heart July 8, 2016 · “With my whole HEART I have sought You; Oh let me not wander from Your commandments!” Psalms 119:10 “Give me understanding, and I shall keep Your law; indeed, I shall observe it with my whole HEART.” Psalms 119:34 These verses are simply a sampling of the numerous times the Psalmist refers to following God’s instruction with a whole heart. When God repeats Himself, we need to listen more closely than usual. When He…

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