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Need prayer for your business?

  Need prayer for your business? Contact me so we can pray…on the phone or in person, together. 🙂 Nek’ka Migel Chaplains for Businesses Video resume for Chaplains for Businesses: Or on Facebook:  

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Small Business Owner, What do you need in your Chaplain?

Small Business owner, do you need prayer for anything? As I vamp up with Chaplains for Businesses in the Boise area focusing on Small Businesses, I want to ask a question. As a business leader, what would you like to see with your company’s chaplain? I have a vast amount of experience in many denominations. I have been a Christian since 1987. I have prayed in the Healing Rooms for a few years, and I was a Convener in the…

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Spiritual Atmosphere in Your Business

Spiritual atmosphere in your Business With my business mentor, I’m reading Create Your World by Patricia King.  On page 74, Ms. King talks about buying a building that had less than godly previous owners.   After making the purchase, they “immediately cleansed the land and the building from the defilement…”  What are you currently doing to have a peaceful environment in your workplace?  How can Chaplains for Businesses help you establish a godly presence in your place of business?  Contact…

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