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Referral Marketing

  Choose to Succeed Referral Marketing   It Pays to Listen!   How would you like to earn cash just from listening?  Listening to people around you and their needs.  I might know something or someone to help.  Call for details.   I will pay for Good Leads.   A Good Lead is a person with a sincere need and willing to give you permission to share their name and email address.  It works best if  they can contact me…

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Fund Raiser for Single Moms Unite!, LLC

Open House and Fund Raiser on June 5, at 6 pm with Scotty’s Hot Dog!   Cole and Franklin near Old Jackson Elementary Come buy a hotdog and 10% of the proceeds will go to help Single Moms Unite!, LLC.  Single Moms Unite!, llc was formed to help women in business, to start business and to do better in business whether MLM, their own business or a 9 to 5 job.     SMU!, LLC also would like to help…

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Multiple streams of income is possible

Multiple Streams of Income Hello my name is Nek’ka Migel. I want to share with you about multiple streams of income.   What is your passion for 2015?  What is your top passion?   Make a list of your Talents Abilities  Desires, Specific Knowledge     What you like to do…   Are these things possible?  Are they marketable?   Do you have some inventions inside of you? Can you patent the idea? Ask yourself,  Who is my market? Who am I…

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Don’t give up, dear Single Mom!

Don’t Give up, Dear Moms. By Nekka Migel on Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 1:44pm It’s interesting that when my girls were young, as a Single Mom, I wanted to give my girls over to my sister who had a husband and she wanted to have more kids. I thought the struggle was too hard. I had just moved from Memphis to Ohio as a newly divorced woman in 1996. I was devastated to say the least. And it was…

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Want to start your own business?

Want to start your own business? Here is a great place to get free information for starting your own business. They even have “experts” who used to be in business and are still currently in business as seasoned business owners who will lend their advice through, SCORE — https://www.score.org/mentoring/request/0/4769597?address=boise. I went to the first class yesterday called Business Basics. I have signed up for the next class, next Tuesday called, Social Networking & Web Marketing. To register, the email or…

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