Have you gotten started?

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Have You Gotten Started?

I remember the first time that I was on stage. I was asked to pray after we sang. I had directed the adult choir to sing and it was time for offering or announcement.

All I had to do was say a prayer. And I couldn’t do it.

I looked to the other leader out in the audience looking for help. She came up on the stage to rescue me by saying the prayer that ended the singing time and started the next part of the church service.  That was back in the 90’s.

Today, I have spoken before prisoners and prayed with them afterwards.  As of today, I have spoken across the country in numerous churches not only leading them in prayer but speaking to them or leading worship on their stage. I have sung before a few congregations, acapella.  So needless to say, my start was not the end of my story.

What do you struggle with? What do you want to do or become?

Will you start somewhere?

Listen to Les Brown as he talks about how anything that’s worth doing is worth doing bad.  What he means is that if you have a dream, are you gifted in that area?   Do you want to do something more than what you’re doing now? And are you willing to look bad, feel bad and even do bad trying to work towards your dream?

Think about it.

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