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The Difference Between Heart Belief and Mental Doubts

The Difference Between Heart Belief and Mental Doubts “Faith involves an intimate relationship with God, where the will of God surpasses the desires of the human will. We must not allow doubt to rise up in our heart when we become aware of God’s intention to move giant obstacles on our behalf. Instead we must believe with all our heart that God will bring to pass all of his promises. The doubts that cause destruction and bring failure are those…

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A Smarter Heart has electromagnetic energy

“The human heart is powered by electromagnetic energy…” If you are a home schooling parent or like teaching your kids extra things outside of their school day, consider this book.  Gary Meuser wrote a book called A Smarter Heart. It is an awesome thing to think how wonderful God created our bodies.   Here is an excerpt from the devotion: “The human heart is powered by electromagnetic energy which is 5,000 times greater in strength than the brains magnetic field.” Read the devotion below.…

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The heart pumps blood

The heart pumps blood. Now I know that is not news to some of you.  But look at this devotion written on March 23, 2016 by Gary Meuser based on his book A Smarter Heart. “…for the life of all flesh is its blood…” Leviticus 17:14 “Blood is life for every creature that God has or will create. This truth helps us begin to really appreciate the organ in the midst of our chest cavity, the HEART. Your heart, which…

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A Smarter Heart seeks God more

A Smarter Heart July 8, 2016 · “With my whole HEART I have sought You; Oh let me not wander from Your commandments!” Psalms 119:10 “Give me understanding, and I shall keep Your law; indeed, I shall observe it with my whole HEART.” Psalms 119:34 These verses are simply a sampling of the numerous times the Psalmist refers to following God’s instruction with a whole heart. When God repeats Himself, we need to listen more closely than usual. When He…

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