Are You Trustworthy?

Are you Trustworthy? I was just thinking about trials and tribulations that keep us from keeping on.  Trials that make us want to break our word to ourselves and to others.  So I ask you, Are you Trustworthy…no matter the circumstance?  I was just going through my journals of 2000 looking for material for my book that I am writing about coming out of the spirit of poverty.   I came across on this writing.  It was a series of questions…

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Christmas Party December 1, 2014, 6:30 pm, SMU!

This will be a Christmas party for Single Working Moms. If you of another Single Working Mom who would love to be blessed at this holiday meeting, tell her to come on out. I am looking for RSVPs as there are some women who want to be a blessing this night to the working Single Mom. So I need a head count as soon as possible. It is my intent to inspire, motivate, educate, encourage and mentor the single mom. Bring a…

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