The Best Investment Is In Yourself!

Invest in yourself!  Ever heard of that?

My business mentor tells me to spend more money on my own personal development than spending money on networking.  For me, spending money in network clubs is still a gamble for getting a good lead that turns into a closed lead.

So investing in myself is a more sure profit.

If you have been around sales much, you’ll see that salesmen are a dime a dozen.  If you can stand out from the bunch and make a good positive impression on your prospective client, they will more likely “buy you”… and your product.

I like to shop where people know my name, pronounce it correctly and provide good service.  I have choices in different locations and sometimes for a cheaper price.  So, good customer service will prompt me to travel a mile out of my way.  When I check out, let’s say, and the cashier asks me about my children and a specific activity we had told them about earlier, that impresses me.

So how much more so should a personal one to one salesman or woman remember things about their prospective or current clients?  Repeat business and future referrals are built on this quality.

Invest in yourself.  Work on your weaknesses.  Learn to remember names whether by writing them in your phone, notebook or the palm of your hand.  Hear their stories without thinking of your immediate rebuttal.  And don’t be afraid to ask their name again.  That sometimes give them a chance to be reminded of your name which they might have forgotten.

Don’t make excuses for not being able to remember names.  Work on it.  This qualities causes repeat business and referrals for future business.

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Invest in Yourself!
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