Don’t let your birth order define you!

Does your birth order define everything about you? Even the last born can become an “A” type personality when needed and plan her own wedding. Here is my baby girl, lovely as ever. Picture by Debbie Merritt. Thanks, Debbie. What in your life has defined you and caused you to think you can’t do something, like your birth order or how someone has labeled you? Think about it and let me know your thoughts!   Help create your own destiny.…

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Got Your God Assignment Today?

  Got Your God Assignment today? I try not to get involved in any major projects before I know what the LORD would have me work on for the day. I believe in extreme obedience in that I strive to get that one thing done by the time my head hits my pillow at night. And for me, it could be something as simple as today is Prospecting Day. Yet the task sometimes seems daunting and I might…just need a…

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