Let’s refer one another’s businesses

Ask yourself, who do you know that I should know? In referring others that I have met, I want to refer Gary Meuser and his book A Smarter Heart. Gary is local to the Treasure Valley. If you want to learn more, go to his page and send a note to him. I am randomly posting some of the devotions from Gary’s book to my Single Moms Unite, LLC page if you want to see them there. Let’s refer one…

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History of Faith

History of Faith Today, I was reading in Create Your World by Patricia King. On Page 156 she said something that resonated with my spirit. She was writing about a hard prayer request. It was the first of it’s kind for her. After God answered the prayer request with an affirmative, she described it as a: “History of faith in God”. He had met their every need as requested. Patricia also considered it, “A Promotion in our faith level”. p.…

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Spiritual Atmosphere in Your Business

Spiritual atmosphere in your Business With my business mentor, I’m reading Create Your World by Patricia King.  On page 74, Ms. King talks about buying a building that had less than godly previous owners.   After making the purchase, they “immediately cleansed the land and the building from the defilement…”  What are you currently doing to have a peaceful environment in your workplace?  How can Chaplains for Businesses help you establish a godly presence in your place of business?  Contact…

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Levels of Relationship # 1 (on Periscope)

Levels of Relationship #1 on Periscope TV with Chaplain Nek’ka Check out my first Periscope Live to hear me talk about the Levels of relationship in dating that could also be in marriage and I believe should remain in marriage after you say, I do! This first Periscope Live talks about going from being “Acquaintances” to “Just Friends”. This is Nek’ka Migel, with Eyes Forward and Upward! “Doing Business and Ministry Together!“

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Don’t Resent; Move on!

We have to watch that we don’t let resentment grow in our lives so we don’t become bitter and/or hateful. Sometimes we get into unforgiveness towards others or because of a situation. We have to watch that we don’t blame God if it wasn’t His doing. I had given up my career for the moment to raise my two babies. I had closed my business. I had given up my three bedroom home on the corner lot. I had to…

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