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ShutterStock to sell your pictures

If you have friends or family who like to take pictures, they might like to submit some to ShutterStock to get paid for their pictures. You could send them this note: “Did you know you could submit photos for others to buy on ShutterStock? Here is a referral code if you’re not signed up: https://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=191880372 If you want to buy pictures,  here is the link for that: http://www.shutterstock.com/g/WealthyNeeka?rid=191880372 Hope all is well.” Thanks for stopping by. Nek’ka Migel Choose to…

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No, means No!

No means no! Nek’ka Migel Consulting for Single Parents choose-to-succeed.org . . . . . #choosetosucceed #familytime #familyfirst #motherhood #parenthood #momlife #kidlife #toddler #kids #singlemomlife #singlemomproblems #commitment #drive #hope #patience #God #singles #prayer #singleparent #family #parent #parenting #yourdoinggreat #inspire #iloveyou #iamsorry #iforgiveyou . #healing #depression #hurts #habits #hangups #blavity #celebraterecovery  

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Do You Experience Push Back On The Job?

Do you experience push back on the job or in ministry? I was just thinking about how people sometimes give you a run around when you want to help.  Whether it is helping people or helping in a situation.  The experiences I am about to share happened while I was a single stay at home mom.  While you are reading them, you may see similarities to incidences in your life or job.   So, what is with the push back? Why…

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How I Intend to Live Everyday Life More with God in 2018

How I Intend to Live Everyday Life More with God in 2018 Prayer written in Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success by Wooden and Carty …”Forgive me of my sins and help me gain a greater measure of control over my fallen nature through the power of Your Holy Spirit. And Lord, give me a passion to stay in Your will for an increasing period of time.”   This prayer was written in Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success by John Wooden and Jay Carty P. 101  …

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3 Ways to NOT Worry as a Single Parent

3 to 6 Ways To NOT Worry My first three tips for not worrying are #1. Trust God according to Proverbs 3:5-6, which says,  5 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” #2 tip is that you are not suppose to worry about tomorrow according to the bible at Matthew 6:34  which says, “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall…

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