Single Moms Unite!

If you know of any single moms in the Boise area who are in the work force or looking for work and could benefit from networking with other single moms and business people who are interested in helping them in their personal growth and business growth, have them message me or go to Single Moms Unite! on Facebook, . Thanks, everyone.

Build your community, single moms!

10 Ways to Develop Community for a Single Mom

10 Ways to Develop Community for a Single Mom Do you desire to have more friends, dear Single Mom?  Do you want to increase your current community?  Here are 10 tips that can help you develop your community. 1.  Are you a single mom?  Be confident in yourself as a single mom.  You do not have to have all the answers at once.  Be confident in what you do know.  Being confident may make some woman avoid you out of…

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3 Tip To Save Face When Others Have Done You Wrong

3 Tip To Save Face When Others Have Done You Wrong When I was newly divorced, I was so hurt.  I had a hard time not reliving the story as I felt it.  I was still in pain.  I had not healed.   If you are business owner, a family member, a church goer, etc, this could apply to you.  I will tell you briefly what I learned because of my pain as a newly divorced, single mom of two…

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Chrysalis 15th Anniverary Fundraiser

The Chrysalis 15th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser. The Date is Sunday June 25th, 2;30pm, at the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise. The cost is only $12.00. Bruce Marchiano will be our special speaker. Everyone attending will also receive a DVD of Bruce’s latest movie, Allisons Choice. Brian Yeager of KYSY will be our MC and there will be light refreshments. Go to and sign up today! Or call 208-424-1323 I am interested in this because of my desire…

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